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We believe that only the gospel of Jesus Christ has the power to truly

transform lives and communities. 

CareCenter Ministries Mississippi is an extension of CareCenter Ministries founded in Dallas, TX by CCM's National Director, Pastor Eldred Sawyer. CCM MS offers Christ-centered services and programs for individuals facing life-controlling issues. Our programs and services are also platforms to help meet needs within our community and introduce individuals and families to the transforming hope of Jesus Christ.

Our Story

After 22 years of a life bound to addiction and crime, Daniel Awabdy found himself in a cell in 2014, broken and facing life in prison. While reaching for the only thing in his cell- a Bible, Daniel heard God speak to him and tell him that he loved him. In that moment, the gospel came alive in him for the first time. Soon after, God made a way for Daniel to be released from prison to go to CareCenter Ministries in Dallas where his life was transformed by the power of the gospel, he was discipled, and he completed CCM's leadership program. During this process, God gave Daniel a burden for his hometown of Jackson, MS where he had become a slave to sin at the age of 16. In 2019, Daniel returned to Jackson to launch CareCenter Ministries Mississippi with a passion to lead others to the same freedom he has found in Christ.

Pastor Daniel is married to Lacey Awabdy and together they have five amazing kids: Kaniela, Tatiana, Abraham, Malea, and Totry.


Meet The Team


Pastor Daniel Awabdy



Ciera Sinor

Women's Home Director


Rita Hodges

Financial Ministry Assistant


Lacey Awabdy



Brad Cote

Men's Home Director

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