Changed Lives

Allow us to introduce you to the real life stories of people who have been impacted by CareCenter!


I grew up in Jackson, Mississippi and began using drugs and alcohol as a teenager. Experimentation turned to addiction and a life of crime. I attended an Overcomer’s meeting in prison, and heard about CareCenter Ministries. I knew that it was God’s next step for me.
So much has changed in my life with the help of CareCenter! Since coming here I have had full restoration with my children and family, something I never thought could happen. For the first time in my life I can breathe because I am completely full of hope in Him!

Daniel Awaby


Josh was brought to CareCenter Ministries from Missouri.  He was raised by a good family and grew up knowing who God was.  When his grandparents got sick and subsequently passed away, Josh started seeking for comfort in anything that would take the pain away.  That just happened to be drugs.  He didn't understand how the death of his grandparents could be by a God who is supposedly righteous and just, and blamed the Lord for many years.  His drug use ultimately lead him to divorce his wife of 7 years, and made it to where he wasn't really a father for his two daughters.  He wound up loosing everything dear to him: his family, his inheritance, his self respect, his purpose.  He wandered from place to place only staying a short time in each spot trying to escape the pain and anguish he experienced.  Through divine intervention he was told about CareCenter Ministries Mississippi, and was on his way.  Now, Josh has been in Carecenter for over 3 months, has recommitted his life to the Lord, and has received water baptism!  The Lord is opening doors he thought were shut forever the biggest of which is him being able to reach out to his daughters again.

Josh Robinson


Billy's mother passed away while giving birth to him, and his father got killed when he was an infant. He was raised in foster care, and flip flopped from one caretaker to another with no semblance of normalcy or stability. His past of abuse, neglect, and abandonment he experienced from a young age led him to use drugs and alcohol to numb any emotions and feelings that plagued him. Finally he had reached the end of himself and became willing to accept help. Billy came to us after living on the streets of Jackson for 10 months. He has been a resident of CareCenter for almost 3 month now.  Everything about him has been or is being transformed so that he now walks as the Christian man God created him to be with honesty, integrity, character, and excellence.  He now lives every day as the gift it is, looking for opportunities to serve someone and to share the life changing Gospel that has delivered him from the misery he used to live in.  

Billy Gladden


Cliff's life has been forever altered because of CareCenter Ministries.  Our Pastor, Daniel Awabdy, came through the program almost 4 years ago straight out of jail.  Through bearing witness to Daniel's journey and experience with the Lord Cliff began to take notice that something different was going on with his brother, it wasn't just the "program", there was something more at work.  He had been witness firsthand to Daniel's struggles with addiction and crime his whole life, and now he was seeing the glory of God through his little brother as he was being transformed by the power of the Gospel.  Cliff began to take heed to what was happening and began to seek the Lord.  He has gone from a non-belier to a strong man of God.  He has committed his life to the Lord, and is an active member of the church and participates in outreaches and activities that spread the Gospel.  His daughter, niece, and nephews are being raised in a strong Christian home with the morals and values Christ intended for us. 

Cliff Awadby