Behind the Scenes

CareCenter Ministries began in 1986 through a prayer group of 13 people in Rockwell, TX.  That group birthed a church that began ministering to their local community.  This ministry expanded to reach thousands of people living in abject poverty and hopelessness, just a few miles away in the city of Dallas.

CareCenter Ministries Mississippi was birthed from the vision given by God to a former participant of the Dallas program, Daniel Awabdy.  Daniel completed the CareCenter Ministries Leadership Academy in Dallas in 2017 and came back to his home-town of Jackson Mississippi to found CareCenter Ministries Mississippi.  He arrived with only a redeeming message of God’s hope, his own testimony, and a burning desire to serve the community.

CareCenter Ministries Mississippi is a multi-faceted organization that impacts the community in many different ways. It is a 501c3 organization and is completely privately funded.  As part of its discipleship program, CareCenter’s Cottage Industries helps to fund the ministry along with the financial support of the community. CareCenter Ministries Mississippi is committed to the transformation of our community.